Use the darkroom

Use this page to reserve and pay for darkroom access. Darkroom access is available if you’ve attended a full analogue course with us, or, if you already have darkroom experience, you’ve come in for an induction.

The darkroom is available in 3 hour slots, at £8/hr. For 2 people working alongside each other, a second enlarger is half price, i.e. £12/hr for 2 enlargers.

You’ll need your own photo paper and, if you’re planning to develop film, your own film chemistry. There is paper dev/stop/fix made up if you want to use ours.

The enlargers cater for all formats 35mm – 5×4″ (do let me know if you want to work with large format negatives, so the space can be set up appropriately). There’s an Omega C67, a Durst DA900, an Ilford Multigrade 500H head on Durst, and a Devere 504, all with Componon / Rodagon / Nikon glass, as well as trays up to 16×20″, and a 16×20″ Salthill FB washer.

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